ECAM panel, finally.

Some time I get lucky and find these rare parts like this old type ECAM panel. It looks terribly worn out but that brings the price down which is good. 

First I started with refurbishment by removing what was left of that old paint and gave it a fresh paint job.  Then the interface question came again! I removed the warranty void stickers and opened the case.

Aha, as I thought, ARINC bus and things that I still have no idea how to interface… let alone the cannon plug pin-out! I quickly decided to take a verified “Stone Age” approach and carefully removed the internal electronics. I was left with front panel and 54 back pins to decode (2x 27 connector). Time for a multimeter again and some beeping evenings ahead! It took me awhile but I deciphered all the pins and got it working. Here you can find the front panel pin-out. I interfaced it using IO card and a small board with ULN’s for the outputs.

I was very happy about the final result. The panel looks like a new.

Here is a video of ECAM panel working with JeeHell software. At the end regardless of the interface solution it is working as it should.

ECAM panel, finally.
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