Transponder panel altered.

I wanted Transponder/TCAS panel interfaced but again it was one of the ARINC bus panels that I can’t interface as they come! I guess you know what method followed… Got this panel in AR condition so it felt bad gutting it! I did save all the electronics and display for any future ARINC endeavours.

This panel uses only number keys, rotary switches and squawk display. I first made a custom display from 7 seg. displays using method described in RMP post.

Then I had to figure the panel back pin rail for number keys and backlight. Used direct connections for the rest of rotary switches.

Now SIOC script is needed to make it work.

*  Christoph from Cockpit Concept interfaced transponder panel with his ARINC 429 board. Unfortunately with this panel you will also need 115 VAC (400 Hz) to make it work.

Transponder panel altered.
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