For all of you who asked me where to get all sort of rare OEM interior liners, covers, side panels, lights, bins and other cockpit parts for your home cockpit, I now have a direct answer WWW.AVOEMPARTS.COM.

This is a fresh oem parts webshop from a friend that knows cockpit aviation business from top to bottom, from home level to professional Level-D.

Here you will find different A320 parts arranged in categories with neat images. A320 inventory will soon be joined by B737 Classis and B737 NG parts.

They are dealing with large scale cockpits and cockpit part-out projects where they get unlimited source and variety of parts for the home cockpit builders community. We are talking about parts you normally can’t buy elsewhere unless you buy a complete cockpit section, which is also possible.

That is also my source of elusive cockpit parts and I am privileged to know them for years.  Now everyone hast the opportunity to get the rare missing parts for which you thought you would never find. The best part is that you can get all these parts at reasonable prices ( no buttons for $ 1000 :).


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