Calling AST… is there anybody out there?!

After careful consideration and much thought I finally decided it is time for me to switch to JeeHell FMGS software. Many users have already done this, but I was still hoping for a miracle. Now I think there is enough waiting and empty promises from AirSimTech team! Two years or more without seeing any important updates or new feature!

I am most upset by misleading the customers that there is major development going on even though the team was supposedly falling apart!
One big disappointment. The line has to be drawn here, I was hoping to long for a new updates that newer came! I guess this half made AST software was one of my expensive errors! I want something new, more advanced with major features already included!

I’ve been following JeeHells FMGS for some time now and this software is getting better and better everyday. It offers much more advanced features than competition and most inspiring thing is that it’s a freeware.

Calling AST… is there anybody out there?!
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