Interfacing RMP, second attempt!

I guess snowy winter nights are ideal for new accomplishments. I am really happy I stored all the electronics as I just managed to assemble one working RMP from all previously gutted INOP, BER, and I guess the last one was AR … radio electronics. Oh boy, that really looks nice… Huh, if I think of all the work that I have invested in interfacing RMP’s with OC boards!? With a working OEM unit it can be done with a few cables and a proper board of course!All I need now is one or maybe two ARINC LS boards from Christopher for testing the bus and another two working RMP’s.

I would lie if I wouldn’t say that old notes and emails from Ben, James, Dávid and Christopher helped me and significantly shortened the search for proper pins. I had to make another, proper RPM pin-out you can find in panel pin-outs !

Interfacing RMP, second attempt!
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