Battery voltage displays.

I started working on Electric panel 35VU pin-out and it is a nightmare. Korry OFF lights are all connected in a group and they all use same two pins which is logical I guess. I need to find a way to make that logic work for me? Any way I diverted my attention for a while to battery voltage displays.

Yes, looks like another ARINC bus part I have no idea about or, this might actually be a direct voltmeter 0-29V! Of course I had to take it apart. I carefully removed the back wires to get it out and disassembled the front with display. I figured I only need that front display housing and everything else was stored for possible reuse.

The idea was to replace original display with seven segment displays. I had to sand each one to get them closer together and to fit the housing.

If you noticed with the original voltage displays there is a small V in upper right corner. Khm.., I also want that little detail! I got the idea I could use a part of segment display to make that V shape. I was luckily as this type uses two common cathode pins on both sides, this means it will also work if cut in half. That’s what I did and it worked!

I had some problems with positioning the V and the contacts, but I succeeded. The final touch was tinted perspex piece of glass.

And Voila! Connected to OpenCockpits Displays card and FMGS batery offset. I think it looks close to original display. Now back to korry pinout’s!

* From 16.11.2016 there is also a Voltmeter Interface board available from ConceptCockpits. With this board original voltmeters will work with flight sim.

Battery voltage displays.
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