Interfacing Audio control panel (ACP).

Got this Audio control panel from a friend as it was tagged as beyond repair with extra a sticker saying “for scrap”. Ok, to be honest I didn’t even inspect how this panel works. I immediately opened the panel and started studying internal connections.

Of course with the intention on bypassing internal electronics. This panel also has this handy back pin rail connection and two flex foil cable connections. I just took electronics out, probably didn’t work anyway. It was now time to figure out the panel back pin rail again.

On the panel back pins you can find backlight and transmission keys input/output. To illuminate them (4 x 5v bulbs per key) I made a board with ULN’s. With flex foil cables connections are already clear enough, there are pots for channel volume and reception switches. I didn’t even intend to interface those because no program supports this and I don’t have the intercom.

I made a SIOC script for transmission keys VHF1, VHF2, VHF3, INT and CAB. VHF1 and VHF2 will switch frequencies in FSX and IVAP via FSUIPC offsets.



Interfacing Audio control panel (ACP).
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