ACP panel

ACP’s or Audio control panels are located in three places. Two ACP’s (CPT, F/O) are on the center pedestal left and right of throttles and the third one (3rd occupant) is on the right side of overhead. ACP is used for selecting transmission and reception mode of all radio communication and navigation audio chanels, interphone, call and passanger address system.

Panel consist of transmission keys,  reception knobs (select reception channel and adjust volume), INT/RAD switch, ON voice key, SELCAL/CALL RESET key and Passanger address key.


You can properly interface ACP using ARINC bus with ConceptCockpit boards. Christopher made it 100% interfaced with JeeHell software.

If your ACP panel is inoperative or you just want to choose “Stone Age” method of bypassing internal electronics below you can find ACP’s panel inner rail pin-out.  You can read more about this method in post Interfacing Audio control panel.


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