Where to start?

The only proper panel replicas I found are from FDS (Flightdeck Solutions) but those are unfortunately out of my budget.  I think I will try to make my own panels using 5 mm plexiglass or similar material. Something like Hispapanels is making.

I made first drawings from measurements I found on http://www.simpit.de/a320dim/page_01.htm Hope I got the measurements right?

Painted looks just fine.

Drawing the overhead panels took me quite some time. How many signs is up there… Had some problems matching the closest fonts to airbus. I found¬†AutoCAD’s ISOCTEUR the closest font to airbus panel font. Some work must be done on letters C, D and G shapes.

I might have some problems with main instrument panel display cut-outs and 19″ monitor positions!

Where to start?
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