Glare wing

Left and right glare wings together with FCU form a glareshield positioned between front windows and main instrument panel.

Panels are basically identical only mirrored. Both have :

  • AUTO LAND indicator that illuminates red at or below 200 feet if there is a loss of both autopilots, excessive ILS deviation or loss of ILS signal (accompanied with Master Warning and continuous aural chime).
  • MASTER WARN indicator switch will flash red with continuous aural chime warning at level 3 warnings.
  • MASTER CAUT indicator switch will illuminate amber with single chime at level 2 cautions.
  • CHRONO button when pushed will display the chrono time on corresponding ND.
  • SIDE STICK PRIORITY indicator will illuminate red arrow on deactivated sidestick side (accompanied with aural “priority left” or “priority right” ). On the authority stidestick side green CAPT or F/O illuminates if deactivated stick is out of the neutral position.

Pinout diagram for glare panels is already available, you can find it here  131&130VU pin-out .


On some older models, on the captain side glare wing,  you can find Para Visual Indicator (PVI). PVI will show indication of the runway centerline (from the ILS LOC signal) on low visibility take off. System was not in use much and was usually marked as INOP. I guess it was later replaced by the Ground Roll Guidance Bar on PFD.

If there is a Head up display (HUD) fitted on the aircraft you can also find HUD controls on captains glare wing.

On the underside of the glare wing there is also a metal cover with triangular opening for MIP flood light. With newer models there is also a longer sliding table light with associated brightness adjustment knob.

Glare wing
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