Ceiling liner panels.

You can find quite some offers for B737 interior liner replica packages and almost none for A320? And those you can find are barely similar to the original A320 liners! I guess if I want proper A320 liners I am on my own!

I soon decided to start working on wooden ceiling liners. I first needed a frame to work on so I started with three front window columns and top connection between them (looks like a wing). Then followed the overhead frame attached to front columns connection and rear back support, as a part of the back wall.

First ceiling liners where two flat panels on both sides of the overhead frame.

I had to make the upper windows “frame” where ceiling liners end. I made it by gluing several layers of individual plywood pieces. I spent a lot of time getting this symmetrical on both sides of cockpit. When it was finished I made ribs between overhead frame and this upper window frame. Then I fitted planks like building a wooden boat, filed with wood putty and sanded to a smooth.

Followed by painting, another layer of wood putty and sanding until I was satisfied with the look. Then I had to make a series of grooves which are between the “actual” ceiling liners and and all openings.

After days with a Dremel tool and tons of of wood putty I think I made it. This is how ceiling liners and cockpit looked at the end. I still have to make ceiling opening compartments and dome lights…

Ceiling liner panels.
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