New Airbus FCU/EFIS from CPflight.

Engravity and CPflight joined forces and introduced a brand new A320 FCU / EFIS at recent FsWeekend in Lelystad. Following first pictures and impressions this might be the best FCU / EFIS out there.

Foto: Flyengravity

Key features:
* full scale
* Custom made LCD display for the FCU, displaying all annunciation modes.
* Dual concentrics where needed
* Push/pull rotaries where needed
* Injection molded push buttons with highly detailed legends.
* Backlit pushbuttons with illuminated flags
* Aluminium powdercoated custom made knobs
* locking toggle switches.

Foto: Flyengravity
Foto: Flyengravity

This really looks great with that LCD display instead of LED segment displays. I hope drivers and compatibility with home cockpit software won’t be an issue.

“Dear Santa, I have been really, really good this year…”

New Airbus FCU/EFIS from CPflight.
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