41VU ADIRS CDU panel

Air data inertial reference system (ADIRS) control display unit (CDU) panel  is located at the upper left side of the overhead. Panel provides controls and indicators for ADR and IR system. It consist of three mode selection knobs (NAV, ATT and OFF), navigation data display with DATA and SYStem selection knobs, keyboard, three ADR (1, 2, 3) indicator switches and three IR (1, 2, 3) indicators.

The upper part of panel with navigation data display, DATA and SYS selection knobs together with keyboard is definitely ARINC bus so for now I didn’t touch it. I did found the pinout for the rest of knobs and indicators. The ON BAT indicator uses two 28V bulbs… I replaced them with 5v ones and bypassed internal 28V electronics since this indicator uses really convenient connection plug.ADIRS_pin-out.pdf

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ADIRS control panel working with JeeHell software.